• Eat well... move more... live longer!
  • When did you last ride a bike?
  • Denise H encouraged Holly H to ride a bike!
  • Half the fun is deciding where to go!
  • D U encouraged Robert H to ride a bike!
  • Cycling in a group is great fun.
  • Get your bike out of the shed and give it a go!
  • Go on... try it!
  • Sarah F encouraged Doreen N to ride a bike!
  • Be adventurous - go for a ride!
  • Set yourself a goal today.
  • Small changes, big benefits.
  • Cycling is fun for all the family.
  • Get your workmates on a bike!
  • Jane B encouraged Ros K to ride a bike!
  • They say you never forget how to ride a bike.
  • Sorcha B encouraged Steve B to ride a bike!

Emma M.

A member of Chief Executives (Oxford City Council)

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Mon 14 Jun '10 Cycle 1 - Leisure/fitness