• Eat well... move more... live longer!
  • Half the fun is deciding where to go!
  • Cycling in a group is great fun.
  • They say you never forget how to ride a bike.
  • Get your bike out of the shed and give it a go!
  • Denise H encouraged Holly H to ride a bike!
  • Get your workmates on a bike!
  • Set yourself a goal today.
  • D U encouraged Robert H to ride a bike!
  • Cycling is fun for all the family.
  • Sorcha B encouraged Steve B to ride a bike!
  • When did you last ride a bike?
  • Go on... try it!
  • Jane B encouraged Ros K to ride a bike!
  • Sarah F encouraged Doreen N to ride a bike!
  • Small changes, big benefits.
  • Be adventurous - go for a ride!

David E.

A member of Environment And Economy (Oxfordshire County Council)

56.0 miles logged | 0 new cyclists encouraged (?) | 1,736 calories burnt | 18 kg of CO2 saved! (?)
100% Cycle

I cycle because it s fast, enjoyable and healthy

- David
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David's Current Goal

From Monday 16 May, I will complete 7 trips within 1 week.

1.0 trip down...
6.0 trips to go!

David doesn't have a goal set yet!

Trips (2)

Date Type Miles Time Taken Purpose
Mon 16 May '11 Cycle 28 150 mins Transport Work
Fri 25 Jun '10 Cycle 28 150 mins Transport Work